Friday September 28, 2012: A lost week

Daily stuff:

The past week has been a weird one because we both got sick.

It started with me on Sunday night when I had symptoms of the flu. On Monday and Tuesday I had mostly stomach and back pain. I even went home early Monday and went to bed when I got home. Wednesday my stomach and back were better but I got a cold. By today I’m feeling much better. I’m taking it easy this weekend and hopefully will be fully recovered on Monday.

R. was feeling okay till Tuesday evening. He got it very cold and half an hour after he went to bed he had to throw up. He went out of bed that night for (I think) 6 times to throw up. And every time I woke up too and had a bad night because of that. In the morning he wasn’t feeling any better and for the first time in his life he had to call in sick at work. Yesterday he seemed to be a bit better but at night he was cold again. He went to bed very early. This morning he felt a little better but not his old self again.

I did my workouts the best I could. I had to cut some of them short and I was a bit slower than usual but I didn’t skip any. For the rest I didn’t do anything. When I got home from work, I made dinner, took Bella for a walk and lay down at the couch for the rest of the evening. I hardly watched TV nor did I read or do other things I like. That’s the reason I choose the title of this post: to me this is a lost week because I did nothing. But am sure next week will be better.

Knitting update:

Yes, that’s right: an update. I’m starting a new project: a sweater for Winter. I haven’t started it yet but will this weekend. I think it will knit fast because the needles are big and I have to use 3 colors of yarn at the same time.

You might wonder what happened to the other sweater I was knitting. Well, that isn’t finished yet but it’s a Spring sweater and I don’t like knitting Spring/Summer stuff in Winter. I will pick that one up by the end of Winter.


Tuesday morning I did a Turbofire workout. I didn’t completely do the Fire 30 workout because I still wasn’t recovered a 100%. I did finish with a 10 minute stretch.
Total time: 34 minutes.

I went for a run after a week and a half on Wednesday morning. I didn’t finish the complete run because the last 8 minutes of running were a struggle because of my cold. I just did the best I could and was glad afterwards that I went. Better do something than nothing.

Run-walk ratio: 8-2-10-2-8-2 (26 minutes running, 6 minutes walking)
Weather:rain, windy,11C(51 degrees)
Distance: 4 K / 2.5 miles
Time: 00:29:40
Last song on Ipod before finish: Bob Seger – Still the same

Yesterday morning I did a Jillian workout: killer buns & thighs. A few hours after the workout I knew why it had this title: my buns and thighs were screaming. I thought I had pretty good shaped legs but apparently they can be shaped more. Good and fun workout.
Total time: 39 minutes.



Simple recipe from one of my cook magazines: pork tenderloin and a salad with rocket salad, avocado, tomato, onion and feta cheese. Very light and tasteful.


Recipe from a cooking magazine: oven dish of ham, potatoes and leek with a topping of crème fraiche and cheese. It doesn’t look that good on my plate but it was tasty.


7 responses to “Friday September 28, 2012: A lost week

  1. Oh my goodness. Well, I’m glad to hear you two are on the mend. I bet you’re glad today is Friday and you have the weekend to rest!

  2. Sorry to hear you both were sick – I totally know what you mean when you say it was a lost week – I always have that feeling when I am sick or if I am stuck at home with sick kids. It’s like a break from regular life and it feels weird.

  3. You two were really sick! I’m so sorry – what a comedown after the fun of your jubilee day! I hope both you and R are well on the road to recovery at this point.

    So the knitting – am I correct in seeing that you’re going to knit one skein of the heavier yarn along with one of the lighter, fuzzier yarn? That looks pretty and as always, I love the colors you’ve chosen. I was knitting with lightweight yarn last night (on a baby hat) and decided I much prefer the heavier yarn as it not only goes faster, but it’s easier to see. Can’t wait to watch your progress on the sweater!

    Hope you have a great weekend – and life gets back to normal for you! 🙂

  4. Feel better. It is no fun being sick. I had a cold but it was short lived.

  5. Sorry for the cold, I wouldn’t succeed in training with it. I hope you two get well soon. Take it easy now.
    The last dish looks delicious.

  6. ahhh Im the last woman on earth perhaps whos not yet works out with Jillian.
    YET 🙂
    hope youre both all better now.

  7. The fact that you worked out when you were sick is incredible to me! Hope this week is better for the both of you!!

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