Monday October 1, 2012: New month

Daily stuff:
Can you believe it’s already October 1st? Only 3 more months before this year is over. I love the beginning of a new month, it always feels like a fresh start.

Yesterday we had a perfect Autumn day: sunny, not cold. A perfect day to go to the forest for a walk with Bella. We went to the estate “Groeneveld” because it was the closest. But boy, it was almost like the daily traffic jam. It was crowded with people, children and dogs. Seemed like everybody had the same idea and went out for a walk.


I took complete rest this weekend. I needed to recover from being sick and it helped.

I’m doing pretty good with my home workouts lately but running still sucks. When I started the 7 weeks to 5K program, the first 2 weeks went very well but after that it was mostly my motivation to run that left me. So …again I’m starting over with the program. It doesn’t feel good to continue and struggle on.

Weekly workout review:
Due to being sick at the beginning of the week and the recovery time, my workout week was a bit low but that’s okay. I’m better now and ready to pick it up again.

As for my results of September, not much to be very proud of. I did the same amount of workouts as I did in August, running miles the lowest of this year. What is positive is that Bella and I walked most of the days in September.


Bella and Fran’s Autumn challenge: walk at least 30 minutes every day:

Days till the end of Autumn (Thursday December 20): 90 days
Success: 10 days
Fail: – days

One of the friends we sometimes meet during our walks:

Dinner Sunday

We had such a delicious dessert yesterday. Tiramisu Dutch style. Sugared biscuits with on top of that mascarpone mixed with a little bit of sugar and orange juice. On top of that “advocaat”, I think you can compare this to eggnog (Amy help me out here) with chocolate sprinkles.

Cross Stitch:

Worked on the Asian girls this weekend.



11 responses to “Monday October 1, 2012: New month

  1. That tiramisu dessert looks like eggs benedict LOL!

    Glad you are recovering well. I am working through through a couch to 5K program from and it takes 9 weeks to go through, although this time around I will likely repeat weeks since I am not training for anything in particular until next spring.

    That cross stitch? That is a ton of work!

  2. Beautiful place to walk … I’d like to walk around those historic sites by night to avoid the crowd.
    Motivation isn’t always at 100% … keep running! I hope your workouts will go better soon!

  3. I love when it’s a new month and the first day falls on Sunday or Monday. That really feels like a fresh start to me.

    That cross stitch is unbelievable – I can’t wait to see yours finished!

  4. Oh my gosh, that little deer is so pretty! And quite tame, too, for you to get such a close up picture!

    On the running, I forget – are you training for any particular race? If not, what about just running your favorite distance each time for a few weeks? Like, if you love doing 5K, then just do that, and don’t stress yourself over pushing farther…maybe your enjoyment will come back then. Just an idea… 🙂

  5. Why is the fawn in a fence? Is it a zoo? You have some very pretty pictures. I can see why so many people were walking there.

  6. Yes, you could compare advocaat to eggnog, except advocaat is much thicker and used as a topping on things (it’s good on ice cream too!) instead of being drunk straight up. It’s basically eggs and cream in alcohol…but without the nutmeg seasoning that eggnog has…my husband’s aunt used to make a big batch of it every year and everyone got a jar for Christmas.

    What a treat, the weather we had this weekend – gorgeous! If only it could be like that all month!

  7. you had me SMILING at complete rest.

    Im a misfit and anti-active rest :-0)

  8. September was my lowest mileage month in a long time and I’m ok with that. Sometimes we just need rest. I’m sure Bella appreciated that you were at least able to take her out on a lot more walks. 🙂

  9. Roz@weightingfor50

    Such a lovely place to go for a walk Fran. Wow. And I “awww’d” out loud at that little fawn! And I “ooooh’d” out loud at the cross stitch!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  10. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous! I wish my dog could walk for that long – 15 minutes is about his limit and he’s spent. Enjoy the rest of your week! 😀

  11. Wow that dessert sounded amazing. I absolutely love tiramisu, but your twist on it with the oj sounded quite yummy!! 🙂

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