Friday October 5, 2012: Tennis groupie of retired tennis players

Daily stuff:

Yesterday was a big success, it was such a fun day. We started with a lunch followed by a presentation by Jacco Eltingh, former multiple grand slam winner in the doubles. He spoke about top sport related to work. It was very interesting. I admire everyone who is a professional sports men or woman, no matter what sports they do. They have to have so much self discipline to perform at such a high level. It was so interesting when he told about his professional career as a tennis player. Right now he’s a very succesful business man who owns 4 companies.

Did you know that an average top tennis player, plays about 3 matches a year without injuries? Every other match they have some kind of injury of pain but they don’t give in to that and keep going. It reminded me of Shelley and Helen, both have (or had) foot injuries but both didn’t give up. To me, they are top sporters too.

After that it was time for the first tennis match between Richard Kraijcek (Dutch tennis player, wonWimbledononce) and Carlos Moya (in 1990 he was in People’s list of 50 most beautiful men of the world and he still was handsome). Even though they are both retired, they still could play tennis at a high level. Kraijcek won the game.

After dinner I watch a double between Ramon Sluiter and Goran Ivanisevic (he’s funny and still hits the aces he’s famous for) and Mansour Bahrami and Paul Haarhuis (former partner of Jacco Eltingh). They had some jokes during the match which made it very fun to watch.

The last game between Ivan Lendl and Andrei Medvedev I passed and stayed in the hospitality unit.

During dinner Jacco Eltingh came to our hospitality unit with Richard Kraijcek and chatted with our guests for a while. One of the men kept saying I should ask them both if I could let my photo taken by him and they didn’t mind doing that when I asked them. Just before that I was walking around and saw Ramon Sluiter and asked him if I could get a photo. So as of yesterday I’m a retired tennis player groupie LOL.

With Jacco Eltingh

With Ramon Sluiter

With Richard Kraijcek. I said to him “you are so tall”. He answered “well, you’re pretty tall yourself too” 🙂 but I felt quite short next to him.

This is not a tennis player but one of my favorite managers I work for and with


My week in skies:

Tuesday October 2nd

Wednesday October 3rd

Friday October 5th


Yesterday morning I did a workout of The Firm Express. The workouts are short but intense, this one had cardio and sculpt excercises.
Total time: 20 minutes.


This morning I did yogalates. I did 2 workouts of 15 minutes of the DVD: one for the upper body and one for the lower body.
Total time: 31 minutes.

Knitting update:

I started on my sweater. Knitting goes fast because of the bigger needles and the fact that I use 2 or 3 yarns at the same time. I had bought 1 yarn of every color but after knitting this, I already had to buy new yarns of the light grey color.


11 responses to “Friday October 5, 2012: Tennis groupie of retired tennis players

  1. That tennis event sounded so awesome! How fun that you got to be a part of it. 🙂 I saw some of the pics on your facebook and was excited to read the post about it.

  2. What a fun, fun outing! And those guys are not so hard to look at, you know? Your line about being a groupie cracked me right up and as you know, I could use a laugh today.

    I’m very flattered that you think of me as a top sporter. 😀

  3. Too funny that you are a groupie now. 😉 Looks like a fun event.
    That looks like it will be a beautiful sweater. I need more gray in my life.

  4. What a cool event and neat to get a picture with all those hotties! You should do a wall with all your photos next to famous people 😀

  5. Oh la la, Ramon! I mean, how nice that you got to take your picture with such distinguished tennis players! 😉

    Although I hate that anyone is hurting, it’s kind of nice to know that oftentimes, they play while injured. The life of an athlete is not easy, even when you’re a pro.

    Love the ruffle on the sweater – and the colors are so pretty! Nice work. 🙂

  6. What a great event. I’m going to sound like a cougar, but those men are GOOD LOOKIN’!! Nothin’ wrong with being a groupie!!! Have a wonderful weekend Fran.

  7. LOL! they all look like very nice guys, too! And Richard Krajicek – knowing how tall you are, then he sure is tall – I was thinking how short I would look if I was in the picture with you two!

  8. Those photos don’t show you next to famous people … on the contrary, people became famous when they got a photo next to you 🙂
    The weather is cloudy here in Italy too!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  9. Lots of good looking guys there! Love Georgio’s remark!

  10. ok I TOO love giorgio’s comment and all the pics of you that youve shared.

  11. In 1991 I was the 51st! Moya fault!
    I imagine all the photos with you in the dining room of the tennis players!

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