Friday October 12, 2012: Animals edition

Daily stuff:

My cold is much better, except for a running nose and some sneezing and coughing I’m much much better.

Tomorrow we’re going to a concert. It’s a Dutch band called “Doe Maar” who were extremely popular in the eighties. They quit after a couple of years because their popularity was too much for them. They wanted rest and no more yelling fans everywhere they went. You were either a Henny Vrienten fan (2nd left in the photos) or Ernst Jansz fan (at the right in the photos). I was into Ernst Jansz when I was about 16 years old. They sing in Dutch and I loved (and still love) their music too. A couple of years ago they had a reunion concert where R. and I went too.

Doe Maar in the 80's

Doe Maar in 2012

The concert tomorrow has a theme: Symphonica in Rosso. It’s with a big symphonic orchestra and most guests will be wearing red (I’m wearing red pants). They also have a lot of guests, most of them all other popular Dutch bands from the eighties.

Looking forward to this concert very much.

My week in animals:


Bella said: No, I don't want to play with you!







Yesterday morning a cardio session of Turbofire. Turbofire is one of the Beachbody programs I bought and I love these programs. They are intense and have lots of variety in the workouts which I like.
Total time: 44 minutes.

Another run in the rain this morning, it was even raining harder than last Saturday. But I live inHollandand it rains sometimes (a lot) here and rain runs are part of the deal, especially in Autumn. So I sucked it up and went and felt like a totally wet but awesome badass for doing the run.

Run-walk ratio: 5-3-5-3-5-3-5-3 (20 minutes running, 12 minutes walking)
Weather: rain, wind,9C(48 degrees)
Distance: 4.5 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:32:00
Last song on Ipod before finish: Train –Fifty Ways to Say Goodbye

Knitting update:



9 responses to “Friday October 12, 2012: Animals edition

  1. Have a great time at your concert! I’d have to drive out of town to see that many animals ;D

  2. How cool you get to go see Doe Maar! I love that song of theirs which is kind of a dialog between a father and son – can’t remember the name – the one that goes “poets je tanden, kam je haren, spreek met 2 woorden, etc…” – sure you know it. Have a great time!

  3. I’m not familiar with that band, but if they are an 80s band, i’m sure they are good! Have a great time seeing them.

    Love all the animal pics–the countryside looks so beautiful.

  4. How fun to see a band from your teenage years – I’d love to go see some of my old favorites, just for the blast from the past!

    Are Bella’s hackles up in that picture? She was warning off the yellow dog!

    Your sweater is coming along and looks so soft and warm. Really nice progress, Fran.

  5. I’m going to google that band, I LOVE 80’s music!!!! LOVE the animal pics, especially the one of Bella giving the stink eye to the golden lab. So cute! Have a wonderful weekend Fran!!

  6. Woo Hoo! The 80s!! I love the 80s as I was in high school for all the good stuff. Of course, I have never heard of your band LOL 😀


  7. I got to see Jaxon last night and today. He was very excited to see me both times. Dogs can make you feel quite special. Hope Bella is doing great!

  8. SO FUN.
    cant wait for the concert picture post 🙂

  9. I always love your photos – these with all the different animals do not disappoint!

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