Wednesday October 24, 2012: Car troubles

Daily stuff:

I’m writing this post a 8.30 am at home while I should have been at work by now. When I left for work this morning and I took the first turn, I heard a loud noise and it sounded like something broke. My heartbeat was sky high because it scared the you know what out of me.
I immediately turned around home. The garage wasn’t open yet and I waited a while before I drove there very slowly. They looked what happened and a spring was broken at the front of my left tire. Fortunately they can fix it right away and my car will be ready at 11 am and I’ll go to work then. It’s going to cost me money but driving safely is more important.

Poor Bella has fleas. She has been scratching herself a lot the past couple of days and at the doggy day care yesterday they said that a lot of dogs had fleas at the moment. So I bought a flea comb after work and checked her and she had them too. I washed her after dinner and treated her with an anti flea medication, changed all her blankets for clean ones and hopefully this helps. For the next couple of weeks I will be vacuuming the house more often. It is weird though that she got them though because I give her anti flea medication every month.


Good old Shred on the menu for Tuesday morning, level 1. I love this workout, it’s hard but short.
Total time: 27 minutes.

I have so much trouble to get up and go out for a run on work days. It’s the dark that’s holding me back and so far I have been skipping the weekday runs. I just don’t seem to get over this, last year I didn’t have this much trouble to go out for early dark morning runs but this year I do. I’m glad I do 2 of the 3 runs on the weekend when it’s light but I have to get over this and start doing that weekday run too.

Sunday dinner


I had rolled chicken meat in the freezer for a while now and I baked that on Sunday. We ate it with a pepper sauce and baked potatoes. I also made roasted carrots with a little honey.

Monday dinner

Noodles with pak-choi cabbage and beef tenderloin.


TV shows I watched last week
True Blood, Parenthood, Rizzoli & Isles, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy.


8 responses to “Wednesday October 24, 2012: Car troubles

  1. xoxoxo
    lately that phrase of IT WILL COST ME BUT DRIVING SAFELY IS MORE IMPORTANT has been uttered a lot here too

  2. Well, at least the car issue is fixable and you don’t have to get a whole new car. Very glad that it happened not too far from home for you. Can you even imagine how scary that would have been if you were on a big highway or something?

    While I’m not running at the moment (as you know), when I am running I always find this time of year with the transition to dark and dark and cold a hard transition. I sort of have to make myself just do it and then it becomes automatic again.

  3. Yikes to your car trouble! Good thing you weren’t very far from home; hope it’s not an expensive fix.

    And fleas…ugh. I guess it was probably inevitable considering Bella goes to doggy daycare – they are tough and even with medication, can sometimes break through and BAM…you end up with the fun times like you had yesterday. Hope this does the trick!

    It’s weird – I can run in the dark when it’s supposed to be dark (like 6am) with no problem…but lately when it’s 7am and it’s still dark, my mind tells me that I shouldn’t go out there. I guess deep down our brains rebel against the fall/winter seasonal changes!

  4. Oh no – the car and fleas all at once? When it rains, it pours…

  5. Glad your car is getting fixed and it didn’t cause major problems.
    Poor Bella! My friend who works at a pet store said that fleas have been very bad this year around here due to the mild winter. I wonder if it is the same where you are?
    Your dinners are making me hungry!

  6. Glad you didn’t have a serious problem while driving the car!

    Fleas are annoying. Can you believe that Pixie gets them once in a while and she is a totally indoor cat? It comes from the mice that sometimes get inside and she catches them- or we might bring some home after being in the outdoors. Gotta love it.

  7. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Fran. So glad the car is fixable and you weren’t on a highway or some other crowded speedy road when it happened. AWWW…hope Bella is rid of the fleas soon. May the rest of your week be calmer!!!

  8. Glad you are staying safe.

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