Thursday November 1, 2012: Autumn edition

Daily stuff:
I have become a member of the Dutch Athletic Federation: Dutch Runners. This is for recreational runners only. Besides the fact that you can ask questions at qualified trainers or get tips about running. There are several schedules available to for 5K, 10K, 15K and a half marathon. Also schedules for maintaining a 5K, 10K or 15K and a schedule how you can use these schedules if you want to go from a 5K to a half marathon.

All the schedules are written by Gerard Nijboer, a famous Dutch marathon runner. He has won a Silver medal at the Olympics of 1980 at the marathon. So this guy knows what he’s talking about. I have studied the schedules and they look very good and doable and every program follows perfectly onto the next program. There are even podcasts to download so you can have instructions and music on your phone or Ipod. I’m not using that, instead I’m using the interval function on my Garmin and use my own music.

Every schedule exists of 3 runs a week which is perfect for me. What I don’t like about most running schedules is that most of them have 4 or 5 or more runs a week. Three works perfect for me.

I’m going to use these schedules and start with a 6-week 5K schedule, followed by a 4-week 5K maintenance schedule. After that I’ll start with the 10K schedule but maybe not right away. I might extend the maintance weeks. I will try to plan at least 1 5K during the maintenance period.

What else is happening this side of the world?
Not much, weather has been weird from warm to freezing to lots of rain but hey, it’s Autumn, it’s all part of the deal.

We have a new government. Hopefully this will last the full 4 years. There will be a lot of economy retrenchements. The biggest one will be for health insurance. Every Dutch adult is obligated to have health insurance. We already pay a lot the past couple of years but as I understand it this will be doubled in 2014. But the higher incomes will pay more. As we have a double income it could be we will have to pay a lot more but I can’t figure out (yet) what we can expect. Nobody really knows, annoying. And the worst thing: I voted for one of the parties that’s in the government LOL.

My week in Autumn:



Tuesday morning I did P90X Plyometrics. Because of the time I only did half the workout which was also enough because it was a tough workout. A fun one but hard.
Total time: 33 minutes.

I took a short run Wednesday morning. Main goal was to get out there at 5.30 am in the dark which I did.

This morning I did a core workout followed by a 10 minute stretch. I didn’t know I still had muscles at my core but apparently I have because I sure felt them. Great workout.
Total time: 33 minutes.


Workout review October

Total time that I did something in October (exercise or walking): 26 hours and 25 minutes. This makes October my best exercise month of this year.  I did 19 workouts (13 last month).
Total km’s/miles this month: 27.2 K /16.8 miles. Not much but still more than last month.

I feel I’m back on the right track and will work on the same or better results for November.

Tuesday dinner

About two weeks ago I was watching a Jamie Oliver show on TV where he was making this recipe and it looked so good on TV, I had to try it. And it was good: Trapani Rigatoni with a rocket salad with Parmesan cheese and a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon.

You can find the recipe here:


6 responses to “Thursday November 1, 2012: Autumn edition

  1. Fran, there is something on your blog that is crashing my computer – and my virus program also detects a threat…ack, I know this is a pain, but I hope there is someone who can figure out what the issue is. 😦

    Onto the running – glad you found a program that appeals to you, and I’m also glad you joined the running federation! That kind of support is invaluable.

    OK, posting this now before my computer crashes again…

  2. Don’t even get me started on health insurance. Ugh!! We pay a lot being self employed and get very little covered for that. Our healthcare system is broken in the US, that is for sure.

    I can’t wait for our election season to be over. One more week to go.

    Love those autumn pictures!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Looks like a great place to run or walk, especially with a cute small dog.

  4. That pasta looks good – I’d probably substitute olives for the anchovies, though!

    How cool you joined the runner’s federation – and glad they’ve got some good running programs for you!

  5. November 6th (our election day) can’t come soone enough for me – I’m so sick of all the political crap!

    It’s interesting to me that healthcare is an issue ini your country too. Our system is broken for sure but I’m torn as to what the answer is.

    How fun that you joined the running group! I hope you get the inspiration you are looking for.

  6. Yay for joining the running group Fran. And thanks so much for sharing photos of your beautiful part of the world with us. (love the mushroom shot! 🙂 ) I got the same message as Shelley got, so i’m posting before I freeze out. Have a great Friday!!!

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