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Friday October 12, 2012: Animals edition

Daily stuff:

My cold is much better, except for a running nose and some sneezing and coughing I’m much much better.

Tomorrow we’re going to a concert. It’s a Dutch band called “Doe Maar” who were extremely popular in the eighties. They quit after a couple of years because their popularity was too much for them. They wanted rest and no more yelling fans everywhere they went. You were either a Henny Vrienten fan (2nd left in the photos) or Ernst Jansz fan (at the right in the photos). I was into Ernst Jansz when I was about 16 years old. They sing in Dutch and I loved (and still love) their music too. A couple of years ago they had a reunion concert where R. and I went too.

Doe Maar in the 80's

Doe Maar in 2012

The concert tomorrow has a theme: Symphonica in Rosso. It’s with a big symphonic orchestra and most guests will be wearing red (I’m wearing red pants). They also have a lot of guests, most of them all other popular Dutch bands from the eighties.

Looking forward to this concert very much.

My week in animals:


Bella said: No, I don't want to play with you!







Yesterday morning a cardio session of Turbofire. Turbofire is one of the Beachbody programs I bought and I love these programs. They are intense and have lots of variety in the workouts which I like.
Total time: 44 minutes.

Another run in the rain this morning, it was even raining harder than last Saturday. But I live inHollandand it rains sometimes (a lot) here and rain runs are part of the deal, especially in Autumn. So I sucked it up and went and felt like a totally wet but awesome badass for doing the run.

Run-walk ratio: 5-3-5-3-5-3-5-3 (20 minutes running, 12 minutes walking)
Weather: rain, wind,9C(48 degrees)
Distance: 4.5 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:32:00
Last song on Ipod before finish: Train –Fifty Ways to Say Goodbye

Knitting update:



Monday July 16, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

John Fogerty was great, lots of CCR songs and of his own work. The new music hall was fantastic. I was late buying tickets and we had the cheapest seats but still could see it very good. The only thing was that the music was too loud. He had 5 (including himself) guitar players in his band and it was just too hard. We both had pain in our ears when we left after the concert. But besides that we had a great evening.

We had a little hope that maybe Bruce would do a guest performance at the concert since he is in Europe and didn’t have a concert that night. Besides that his daughter was in Holland this weekend for a horse event. But no such luck. I read Sunday that John Fogerty did a guest performance at Bruce’s concert in London Saturday night. Should have been the other way 🙂

Saturday was such a rainy day. We’re heading towards one of the wettest Summers ever. I’m not complaining because that’s no use: you can’t change the weather. But a bit higher temperatures and less rain would be nice. At least the rain coat I bought when I got back from vacation has it’s use, I’ve used it more than enough LOL.

My Mom came over yesterday and stayed for dinner. We had a good time with the three of us. For the rest our weekend was easy.

Book I’m reading

E.L. James
Fifty Shades Freed

Started the last one of Fifty Shades. I want to know how it ends but I have to admit it’s slowly losing my attention. I’m skipping most of the love scenes, they are more of the same everytime. I like The Twilight and Hunger Games books so much more than these.

Movies I’ve seen last week

Captain America

I haven’t watch many movies lately. I’m more into TV series but Saturday night we watched this one. It was an okay movie.

TV shows I watched last week

Glee, Mad Men, King, The Good Wife.

Cross Stitching

Last week I worked on “Beauty of Asia”.

How it will look when it's finished

My progress

Knitting update

You might wonder why I don’t give you any updates. Well that’s simple: I’m not knitting very much at the moment. As soon as I restart it, the updates will come back.


Friday July 13, 2012: The Food Edition

Fran’s cook book project:

Days left to finish the project: 313 days
70 cook books
215 recipes

32 cooking magazines (12 x koken & genieten, 8 x Jamie, 12 x Light koken)
64 recipes

Total number of recipes to cook: 279
Number of recipes I have made: 18


I made a Thai Beef Salad that was easy and fast to prep but tasted delicious.

Recipe here


A simple dinner: grilled burger, baked potatoes and salad with cucumber, tomato, feta cheese and Caesar dressing.




This one came from one of my cooking magazines: potato risotto with mushrooms. I didn’t know what to expect from this dish but it tasted very good.

Ingredients: potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, spring onions cooked in white wine with water. When it’s cook you add Parmesan cheese and rocket salad.




 Spaghetti with bacon, onion and tomatoes: Bucatini all’amatriciana. Very tasty.




Sausage, tortilla from potato, eggs and onion, tomato salsa. Delicious.

Upcoming weekend

Tonight we’re going to a concert: John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival) in Amsterdam. The concert is held in the “Ziggo Dome” a brand new hall, especially build for concerts. The sound must be very good in this hall.

Sunday my Mom will be visiting us and will stay for dinner.

Monday July 9, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

Last week I read an article about overweight. They published numbers of how many people have overweight in my country. I was a bit shocked by the numbers: 6.5 million people in Holland are to heavy (1.5 million are obese). That’s 41% of the total population. For example in the early eighties this was 27%.  Personally I think that’s a lot and unfortunately I’m one of them. But that’s going to change because I’m working on a healthy weight since last week.


Which also brings me to the following: do you remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a discussion at work about how we can get our employees healthier? Management has decided that this project can continue and they set up a small project group of 6 people who are going to work out ideas. And guess what?

I’m one of them. After the first session I already told them I would like to help and my manager also put in a good word for me because I have great interest in this subject. We have our first meeting next week.


Other work news: this Autumn the other secretaries at the company and I get three workshops about communication at work, how to effectively use your influence and one about teamwork. This is the first time in the 10 years I work at the company that I get the opportunity to do some workshops and I look forward to them.


We decided after our vacation that we wanted to go to some concerts this year and I bought tickets this week. We start next Friday with a concert by John Fogerty.

I bought tickets for 3 other concerts, all Dutch bands/singers. One of them is called Doe Maar, they are retired but are going to do some concerts in October. When I was about 16 this band was totally hot and cool here and I had all of their records.

The other one is a Dutch singer called Boudewijn de Groot. He is doing his last tour this year and he’s one of those artists you have to hear/see before you die. Since this is our last opportunity we bought tickets.

And the last one is The Golden Earring. A Dutch rockband, also one you have to see before you die. You might even know a song of them because they had a big hit with “Radar Love” back in the 70’s/80’s (don’t know exactly when).

Book I’m reading

E.L. James
Fifty Shades Darker

I finished book two of a Song of Fire and Ice. I love these books and already order book 3 that is published in two books here because the entire book exists of 1500 pages.

TV shows I watched last week

Glee, Mad Men, Touch, Downton Abbey.

I have seen all episodes of Downton Abbey now, love this show. Now I have to wait patiently for season 3 like everybody else.

Cross Stitching

Last week I worked a few days on “River Sight”.

My progress

What it looks like when I finish it

Saturday December 3, 2011: The low carb way of life

The low carb way of life:
Last weekend wasn’t about low carb, it also wasn’t about eating too much but more about being too lazy to cook. When I’m not feeling well, the first thing I drop is cooking and choose the easy foods like bread for dinner or soup from a can with some bread. I didn’t eat too much, it just wasn’t low carb.

Thursday I had a meeting including lunch. The Dutch usually eat bread at lunch and this lunch wasn’t different from that. No low carb on Thursday because I already made dinner the night before which included carbs too. The weird thing is that when I had one “bad” day usually the day after it’s not any better and Friday also wasn’t a low carb day.

Recap: Except for Thursday and Friday it has been a good week since Monday. No more lunches during meetings this month so there is no reason why the rest of the month can’t be good.

Daily stuff:


Next year on June 10 we will be in Florence, Italy at this concert. We are going to plan our vacation in Tuscany right after the concert. We are really excited. We’ve been to Florence before but it’s been several years ago and it was beautiful then and it will be now too.


I had one of my toughest runs ever due to a very hard wind and lots of rain. I don’t think I ever have been this wet when I came home including water in my shoes. But this run was such a boost for my motivation and confidence. I’m glad I did go and didn’t let the weather hold me back. This is how soaking wet looks like 🙂

Weekend plans: weather forecast is bad and we probably stay inside most of the weekend. Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner with my Mom. This is a thank you dinner because she still is “babysitting” Bella 1 day every 2 weeks for us.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 335 – Thursday December 1
I probably will use some old photos this month because it’s so hard to find things to photograph. This photo was taken at a bbq at our home during Summer 2008. It’s a photo of my best friend T. and me. I love it because it’s a happy photo.

Day 336 – Friday December 2
Someone is tired after playing at the doggy day care all day.

Saturday October 22, 2011: The low carb way of life

The low carb way of life:
Saturday I read the important parts of the book again. And that was good because I didn’t read the red list carefully the first time. Besides the artificial sugars also sugarfree gum, candy and chocolate is on the list. So is grape and fructose sugar and flavour enhancers. Not sure if they use it in the US and Canada but in Europe products that contain flavour enhancers have E-numbers on the label, that’s how you recognize them. After reading this I went through my refrigerator and cupboards and, although not very much, there were some products that contained either the sugar or the enhancers. I’m not a fan of throwing away food but I did throw away these products that were mostly salad dressings.

I started on Monday. I ate:

  • Breakfast: 2 crackers made of flaxseed with water with cheese and a boiled egg.
  • Snack: a little cheese (Babybel)
  • Lunch: salad with feta cheese, a little bit of chicken and pesto.
  • Snack: 15 walnuts and pecan nuts
  • Dinner: chicken breast, rösti (potatoes) and stir-fried green vegetables. Two mandarins.
  • Snack: a Babybel cheese.

Flaxseed crackers: put 2 tablespoons of flaxseed in 2 tablespoons of water. If you want you can add a little bit of salt which I didn’t. Let it steep and make crackers on a piece of baking paper. Put it in the microwave, highest level, for 1.30 minutes (that’s how long it takes for my crackers), but you have to try what works best for you.

I haven’t been hungry on Monday. Usually I want something to eat around 9 am but didn’t want to eat something till it was 11 am. My breakfast was very fulfilling.

Tuesday and Wednesday I felt weak At first I thought I was getting the flu but then I remembered reading something about it in the book. Because I cut down on sugar and carbs my body is getting detoxicated which can cause muscle weakness, headache and other little pains. This needs a couple of days and it will get better eventually. I still have a headache everyday but that’s normal too and will go away too.  I decided to take the rest of the week off from working out and let my body adjust to the program.

Yesterday I went to a “nature store” and bought a few things I need for making my own crackers and for other recipes. These products I can’t buy in the supermarket. Next time I buy them online because I found a great webshop for these products which is cheaper than buying it in the store.

Start weight on October 15th: 81 kg (178.5 lbs).
Weight on October 22nd: 79.7 kg (175.7 lbs).
Total loss: 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs).


Conclusion: I feel great. I’m not hungry and I don’t miss the carbs like bread at all. I don’t feel bloated anymore, my PDS seems already to have calmed down. Honestly I thought I would crave for cookies and stuff but I haven’t. Thursday there was pie at work but I didn’t take it. Not because I couldn’t but I didn’t want too. Weekends are the most challenging for me and I’m curious how I will do today and tomorrow. More on that in the next post. So far I think I made a right decision starting this program.


Daily stuff:

  • Thursday was the last day at work for K. It’s so weird she won’t be at the office and we can’t chat daily. But there’s Facebook and mobiles so we will be okay. We are going to see each other in 2 weeks for dinner and a musical. It has been so much fun working with her the past 7 years and I’m going to miss her a lot.
  • The concert Thursday. First we got stuck in traffic jam and we were 30 minutes late and Mark Knopfler already started. It’s not my kind of music and at first I was a bit bored but later I could appreciate it. His last song was So far away from the Dire Straits and I immediately thought of Lori. We could only see him for about 40 minutes. At 9 pm Bob Dylan started: WORST concert ever and we have seen a lot of concerts. You couldn’t hear a word he was singing. All he did was stand behind the mic or behind his keyboard. He was wearing a big cowboy head and you couldn’t see his face. After every song the lights went out before he started a new song. Every song sounded the same and he didn’t interact with the audience: he never said a word. We gave it a try but after 1 hour it was enough and we left. We weren’t the only ones, lots of people left early. No more Bob Dylan for us.
  • Today R. and his brother are painting the ceiling and the living room. Yesterday R. cleared out the living room and as there was no place to sit down we went to my Mom last night. In two weeks they will do the kitchen and the hall way but that’s not as much work as the living room.


Daily Dinner:

We ate bread because we had to leave early for the concert.

Noodles with beef tenderloin and pak-choi cabbage.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 293 – Thursday October 20
Last work pictures of K. and me.

Day 294 – Friday October 21
Living room before the painting.